Momlife in Japan

Journey with me:
Gaijin working mom
navigating Life in Japan


Exploring Japan: Life Hacks, Adventures, and Hidden Gems from a Foreign Mom's Perspective

Welcome to my personal exploration of Japan – a space where I share practical life hacks, recount captivating travel experiences, and uncover hidden gems from my unique viewpoint as a foreign mom. Join me on this vibrant journey and discover Japan through a new lens. Each tale is a part of our beautiful adventure, making life a bit easier and a lot more fun!


Raising a Bilingual Child: Multiculturalism and Identity

Join me on my personal journey of raising a bilingual and bicultural child. From unexpected challenges to heartwarming victories, I’ll share our story and the lessons I’m learning along the way. I hope our experiences might provide comfort, inspiration, and perhaps even a bit of practical guidance to others embarking on a similar adventure. Remember, we’re in this beautiful journey together.


MomLife Musings: My Personal Diary as a Foreign Working Mom in Japan

Step into my world as I share the day-to-day musings of my life as a foreign working mom in Japan. From the triumphs and trials at work, to the intimate moments at home, to the thoughts that keep me awake at night – this is my raw, unfiltered journey. Join me as I navigate the joy, the chaos, and everything in between

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